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  • Say "Yes" to your rights, thoughts and priorities

  • Improve respect for yourself and others

  • Create win-win situations


What is assertiveness?

Assertiveness is a way of communication that expresses your needs, opinions and emotions while respecting the same rights of other people.

Aim of the Course

This course is aimed to help you gain knowledge about what assertiveness is and to learn how to use the skills in your every day life.


The following areas will be covered:


  • Communication with yourself and others

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Listening skills

  • Knowledge about your own strengths and weaknesses

  • Recognising different communication styles

  • Awareness of non-verbal communication in yourself and others

  • Recognising assertive behaviour

  • Recognising and expressing your emotions better

  • Dealing with your stress better



Everyday communication with people will be easier for you and the relationship should bring you more satisfaction as well as your self esteem will improve.


Course content

The course comprises 10 modules, each 2 hours long. You can attend the entire course or just the modules of your choice.


  • Module 1 What is assertiveness?

  • Module 2 How to build healthy self esteem

  • Module 3 How can you improve assertive thinking. Challenging unhelpful thoughts

  • Module 4 Assertive behaviour and non-verbal communication

  • Module 5 Better coping with stress-relaxation and visualisations

  • Module 6 Strategies How to say ‘no’ assertively

  • Module 7 How to deal assertively with criticism

  • Moduel 8 How to deal with disappointment assertively

  • Module 9 How to give and receive compliments and apologies assertively

  • Module 10 Summary of the assertiveness course and personal GROW goals


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Call 07967 312207 or email to alina.b-richens@theupperroom.org.uk


Ten weeks from 23rd September to 25th November

Mondays 1-3pm


St Saviour Church Wendell Park

Cobbold Road
London W12 9LN



The course is free of charge 


  • Groups of 12-15 people

  • Friendly atmosphere

  • Everyone welcome!

  • Run by our trained counsellor Alina Babik-Richens

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