The Upper Room works with some of the most disadvantaged people, including homeless people, ex-offenders, recovering drug addicts etc. from some of the most deprived areas of London. Our aim is to provide holistic support tailored to meet individuals' requirements. Many of our service users come with multiple and complex needs. We have had many successes, and most have nothing but kind words to describe the support they received from our dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Below is some of the feedback we have received:



The deal on offer here is brilliant – it says ‘we will help you and get you back on track but in return you have to help your community’.  Instead of being a problem they are becoming part of the solution.”    

Nick Hardwick

Chief Inspector of Prisons

Thanks to UR4Jobs, after detox I got a NI number, registered as self-employed and got a CSCS certificate. That helped me find a job and start to live a life as I have never had before in the UK. I rented a room, started to pay child maintenance in Poland and for the first time since coming to the UK I went for Christmas to Poland. UR4Jobs changed my life and I am truly grateful for that.”


(Ex-service user on the UR4Jobs Project)

I have been in trouble for driving without a licence, or while disqualified, many times. This has given me the opportunity to get my licence and drive legitimately, and be responsible, without being a danger to others. I suffer from dyslexia and have found working with others in a group really helpful. I wish there had been projects like this when I was younger. It is a brilliant project for young people. A licence changes their lives completely and helps keep them out of trouble. I think this project should run all over the country.”


(Ex-service user on the UR4Driving Project)

It is of crucial importance that we are able to refer our clients to UR4Driving, to avail of the expertise and support they provide to enhance the quality of their lives, provide hope, but most of all, assist in helping them attain the practical skills necessary to improve their life prospects and stay drug/alcohol free.”  

Brendan McGrath

Blenheim CDP (Partner)

This is the first time as an adult that I have been out of prison for more than 12 months and this will be my first Christmas at home. I have just turned 30. When I came to UR4Driving I knew it would help me. The most important thing is that I got a job immediately because I had a licence, and was over 26. I was able to get my first flat and buy the furniture for it. I have managed to save over £2,000 in 3 months. Getting my licence has had an enormous impact on my life. I still volunteer at UR4Driving.”


Ex-service user & current volunteer on the UR4Driving Project

It has helped me stay motivated and on track with my recovery (drugs and alcohol). It has given me a structure to my day and a brighter outlook for the future.”


Ex-service user on the UR4Driving Project

It has given me something to do in the day which has helped with my recovery (drugs). Getting my licence should increase the range of jobs available. My confidence and people skills have improved since joining the project. I am looking to do a peer mentoring course when I leave UR4Driving.”


Ex-service user on the UR4Driving Project

The only tragedy is the fact that places are always limited and often there is not enough capacity to take on all the individuals who wish to engage with this project and use it to move forward in their lives.” 

Mariam Rashid

Hammersmith & Fulham Probation (Partners)

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